Weird unexplained anamolies "lately"

I’ve experienced some quirkiness in my Vassal play over the last month or so, and my memory is also telling me that there was a Java update sometime within the last month. I’m wondering if that’s possibly causing the issues, all of a graphic nature.

  1. I’m playing Flat Top using module FLTv30b01.vmod dated 12/2015. My latest Java upgrade has me at 1.8 (build 1.8.0_231-b11).

We’ve been playing one of the scenarios in this module for most of this year, online on the server, with no issues until about the last month.
The module has hidden movement, and uses a Invisible/Visible command to allow each player to place his fleets and assets on the common map unknown to the other player until they are successfully searched for (and the owning player makes them “visible” forall to see. When marked invisible, they remain semi-translucent, even to the owning player, although with a mouse-hover, one can see a “bright” image of what is visible to him in the hex. [attachment=2]1_Normal_operation.png[/attachment]

The last few weekly sessions have been marred when, suddenly, the display is VERY “buggy”. Units may appear “translucent” to an owning player, but fully visible to the enemy; and when the mouse is hovered over the "translucent unit, the mouseover view shows that the unit is “bright” and therefore visible to all. This quickly gets very confusing because an owning player who is toggling between visible and invisible status, cannot trust his own eyes.

Another oddity is, when zooming out to the maximum, the Midway map we’re using throws Bad Data in Module errors, and truncates the map display, such that the extremities of the map area don’t display.

  1. Playing 1st Winchester from Death Valley: Battles for the Shenandoah (a module I built myself, using methods that have proven successful until just now). This one is a PBeM game. These modules use a Randomizer Pool to handle chit pulls for unit activations, which both players contribute to (secretly) during the Command Phase.

Lately, it has happened two or three times that my opponent has drawn ALL the activation chits (@20 of them total) when trying to select just one. From my viewpoint, reviewing a log file, all the chits are gone but one, when I know at least 15 should still be left. After inquiring, my opponent assures me that he can still see a “full” chit pull hat.

Also, with the last two or three log file exchanges, I’ve seen the buffer reporting movement, hex-by-hex, while nothing happens on the map. I’m staring right at the units the buffer assures me are moving, but there they sit, motionless.

On a Facebook Vassal enthusiast page, someone mentioned that the most recent 1.8 Java versions might be the cause of graphic issues such as this. That’s what got my “Spidey sense” tingling, the fact that I’ve updated Java in the last month, and now I’m getting these odd artifacts.

I have no error logs because no crashes are occurring: just that Bad Data in Module message for the map zoomout issue. I’ve got an 8-year old laptop running (still) Windows 7. No idea what my opponents are running.

Any thoughts?

Further clarification: if a unit is placed on the common map as Visible (or changed from Invisible to Visible), everyone should see it in its bright, non-translucent form. When the owning player turns it Invisible, it should remain “translucent” to him, but should disappear completely to the enemy player.