WFRP maps

Hi All,

Im very new to this site and have tried to read up as much as possible, but im still having problems with what I want to do. Im an extreme noob when it comes to any kind of programming, maybe why ive been having so many issues.

Im trying to setup maps for my campaign using RPG Tactical which has help alot!!! Ive seen previous threads for things like FOG OF WAR or Masks where people are trying to hide the portions of the map the players have yet to explore. I have a few major questions;

  1. When im making the levels of the dungeon, I open RPG Tactical, am I supposed to be saving everything to the same file as in a saved game or should I be saving it as a new module?

  2. I want to have the party having a screen on a tv (linked from my laptop) and I have my own screen where I can drop enemies in where I want, make rooms appear etc. Is this possible and How do I set this up without having to create the room on the fly during a session?

  3. I currently have a GM screen setup where it seems like I can add characters and palette items to it, I tried adding the hide button but that only affects whats in my GM screen, How can I set up the game to have separate rooms or sections appear or disappear (whole dungeon worth) with a button/multiple buttons?

I am extremely new to this sort of thing and have no back round in programming what so ever, any help would be greatly appreciated.