What Am I Doing Wrong

I can not connect to the REAL TIME Vassal Server.
Here is what I am doing.
1.Open Vassal to MY LIBRARY
2.Click on OPEN MODULE And my files library opens up
3.I open the folder where I keep my game modules and select a game
4.The welcome screen opens and I select START NEW GAME ONLINE
5.The Game window with the toolbar and 2 smaller windows to the left open, 1st window reads ACTIVE GAMES and the far right window reads CURRENT GAMES My name appears in the far right window.
HERE IS WHERE I GET CONFUSED. I have tried making a new room by selecting a name in the little New game window.
I don’t get any further then this. I tried opening the Server Status window and looking at all the current games. clicking on players names to try synchronizing with them. I think I have tried everything you can do,I never get anywhere.

once you have typed a name for your new game in the new game field at the right top of the page you must press the enter key to open a new room for your game.

To sync with an existing game you must open the same module as the existing game. Choose “Look For A Game on line”. you should then see all instances of that module in play at the time. Choose the game you want to join by right clicking on it. one of the choices then should be join room left click on it.

I hope this helps though it is recognized that my powers of explanation are poor.

You can only Synchronize with players that are in the same room as you. If you create a new game room, then unless someone else joins your room, you cannot interact with them. Try right-clicking on one of the other rooms and selecting ‘Join’. You should find that Vassal will synchronize automatically when you join the room.