What are the best methods to...

Hi all.
I’m trying to design a card game, which sometime uses cards in a “different way”.
My question is: what are the best methods, or an already made module to look at, to obtain the followin “features”?

  1. Some cards, once drawn, needs on or more “tokens” on them, in defined positions (the card have “slots” drawn fo the token).
    So i’d like to “force” (snap) the tokens on the card. More, the tokens, once placed, should “follow” the card when moved, or return in the “token pool” when the card is discarded…

  2. The game requires that some cards will change position at the end of the turn. They are all placed in a line: at the end of the turn some card will need to go left, some right, some stay still (this will be a card property/trait). If the new position is already occupied, the newcoming card will go “under” the one that’s already there, making a column.
    So, i don’'t know if the possible locations (which are 4, anyway) should be decks, zones, or what, and how to tell to a card where to go.
    I thought about making the cards on the “zones” as an “always-expanded-stack” (to don’t have to manage the “tiling” when a new card is added)… dunno if it is possible (or if it is the right way)

Thanks :slight_smile:

  1. There are multiple ways to do this, but myself I would probably go with Layers. Just define a “RED” layer on your cards which is normally invisible but turns on showing the RED token, say, when turned on, in the top left corner or something. Then a “YELLOW” layer to show a YELLOW token in the top right corner etc etc. In other words, the tokens on your cards would not be “real” tokens (drawn from a pool) but just overlapping images. Put these in the cards prototype. This solution won’t work if you need your tokens on the given card to be actual pieces players would need to manipulate. You will need to use Place Marker traits for that and preset positions where the cards should go (no random dragging around) with specific snap to grid positions etc.

  2. You need a bunch of trigger commands, with appropriate property expression checks, global properties to monitor position of cards etc and then use Send to Location and/or Move Fixed Distance and/or Return to Deck traits. No easy solution here, afaik: you need to get your hands dirty.