What is everyone playing?

Hey guys,

I thought it may be interesting to see which games everyone has running. Here are mine.

Vassal PBEM
Three Battles of Manassas - The First Battle of Bull Run.
ASL - Operation Merkur campaign game.
Tunisia - Race for Tunis.

Panzer Campaigns - El Alamein

good game.
just learning the rules and have a game were playing live and then just save where we are at.
thanks vassal and gmt

smurf309 :smiley:

Ukraine '43 with Smurf - As he wrote mainly trying to master the rules and learn the system. Great fun and fine game.

Combat Commander Europe - Another fine game and maybe some day I’ll actually manage to come out on top in a scenario! :smiley:

Looking forward to trying Kiev to Rostov - once again thanks to Ben for creating the module. I’ve saved setups for the two introductory scenarios.

Hopefully will help out with the testing of Supreme Commander by GMT. Sat in on one play test and that game looks like its going to be really good when released.

Vassal has brought me back to board gaming after being pretty much a solo pc wargamer for many years. I’ve probably purchased 8-9 board games in the past few months based solely on the ability to play head to head online.

So a big shout out and thanks to the creators of Vassal and all of the Modules for their hard work.

Best wishes,


DAK2 solo. I’ve got an idea to play all the campaign starts, or at least set them up and play a few turns, starting with 3rd El Alamein and working my way to the begining. Yes I am a little mad. This is the kind of thing we do in Canada between hockey seasons.

Small world, I’m located in Kitchener.

Best wishes,