what is wrong in this formula

Hello everyone !
here is my problem, I have a group of 3 units, a clan, and I can affect orders to this clan. When I do that, all my units share the same order and an appropiate layer appears. No problem for that.
The problem is for the report action.

I type :

$PlayerSide$ changes order of clan $Clan$ to March

The sentence appaers like : Imagawa changes order of clan to March

The value of the clan is empty.

In my unit trait all my units share the traits Marker - Clan = A

What am I doing wrong ?

Thanks !

It loooooks like you’re doing it correctly.

I guess I’d check for spelling errors (e.g. “Clan” vs. “clan” or some such), and make sure the piece that is doing the Report Action does in fact have the Marker trait for Clan included in it. And I guess try moving the Marker up above the Report Action in the trait list, though I don’t think that makes a difference in this case.

I don’t believe Reports will display Marker values as markers are more tags than variables. You’ll want to use a Dynamic Property called Clan and give it a value. Then it will report it.

Naw, Markers totally expose their values as “Properties” just like Dynamic Properties do. You just can’t change a Marker value on the fly, so it’s like a “constant” rather than a “variable” but it fits in all the same places in expressions, message formats, etc.

I’ve totally put $MarkerName$ in Report Actions and had it work perfectly, in fact I just tested it again.


I guess this is the problem. I change my order with a piece that have a sub menu with the different orders.
The items in the menu trigger some global key command to achieve an order change of all unit of the same clan, but this piece doesn’t have the trait marker for clan.

I will try that. Thanks for all !

This is correct, everything works now. i didn’t realize that the units that makes the report should have the traits, the targets units have it but it’s not enought.

Thank you