What Specs Do I Need to Run Vassal on my PC?


I’m getting ready to buy a new desktop, and of course I want to save money. I don’t play computer games, but I do play a fair bit of vassal. My old computer has had trouble running newer versions of vassal, so I’ve been using an older version, and consequently not playing much. In another post, a developer noted that newer versions of vassal would make use of dedicated video memory. I’ve been pretty long out of touch with computer technology, but I thought if I buy a PC with a good bit of RAM (4GB) and a reasonably fast processor (Core Duo 2GHz maybe?) and an older video card, that should get me through a few years. As I search for PCs, I’m seeing a lot of them with what they call video cards that are onboard memory, i.e. using system memory for graphics. Then I got confused, and I figured I’d just come here and ask - what are the minimum specs I should get for a PC with hopes of being able to run Vassal for the next several years at least? Other than that, and watching some streaming video, I don’t need any kind of fancy graphics stuff, except what I might need in future years to keep doing what I do (email and the above).

Thanks for any help,

Chris Buhl