What trait is best to mark a ship as used for transporting?

In my module for Black Swan and Orange Swan I recently decided to add another QOL enhancement. This one will be to allow a player to mark that a ship block has used itself to move a land unit. Now the mark as moved is already there, but this isn’t really ideal for this. I really need to come up with another form of marking a ship as used for transport. I tried the can pivot trait hoping to just clock the blocks at a 45 degree angle to show they been used this way but didn’t like that you had to cycle all the way back around to get to the level state. I just want on and off like the “mark as moved” flag most games use. So is there something like that that can toggle off and on and show on the block and be turned off and on by using the right click menu list? Thanks for any suggestions on how to set that up.

The Layer trait is probably the best option here. Depending on the image size of whatever you design as your visual indicator compared to the size of the piece itself, you might have to do some fiddling with the offsets to get the look you want to achieve.


Your marker that you use in the Layer does not to be the same size as your counter, or totally solid.

You can use PNG’s with transparent sections and transparency on the visible section to add a see-through overlay over the counter, or just add a little red X or triangle somewhere on the counter. It doesn’t have to be in your face.

You can also use a Trigger Action to cycle through the unwanted rotations.

Perhaps create a Layer with an image matching the standard “Moved” label with “Trans” or the like. Then set to clear with the same command to clear the Moved flag.