What's the best method for testing both sides in a module

Do you simply change sides or what?

That’s the only way I know of …or have someone join you. When I’m working on a module, quite often, I’ll create a player side and give it a name something like Host. Then I just make sure everything in the game that is player specific is also available to the Host. Then I just remove the Host player side before I distribute. It helps in testing but is only really good for some things, however, as many things really do need to be restricted to player side to be tested properly.

It’s not quite that simple. You should change your password when you change sides as well.

Hi. I created a second fake account to connect on a 2nd side.
Then I have a virtual machine running on my system. I use a mac, and a VM under Windows 10.
That allows me to test the game modules not only from 2 sides, but also from 2 OS, plus as the 2 systems are up and running, I can do real time without disconnecting every other minute.
Still, I wonder how to make it clear that a player’s round is over, and they could not activate anything on the board during other player’s rounds.