what's the newbie password?

I have no idea how this happened, but my user preferences were reset in the Afrika II module, so I was “newbie” with a different password. I could still see my hidden units, though.

I reset my password and user name to the usual, but didn’t unhide my units beforehand, and now I can’t unhide them.

The newbie password was about 8 or 10 characters. Is there a default newbie password? If so, what is it?

Hopefully that will reveal my units and let me continue the game (which has been ongoing for about 5 months… :0 )


UPDATE: I managed to reset the username to newbie, with the long password. (Downloaded the module again).

However, I’m still unable to unhide my units!

The strange thing is that both sides should be able to unhide each others’ units. I can unhide my opponents’ units, though. My opponent is having the same problem with all my units. There’s no problem hiding my units that are unhidden at the moment. It’s just the units under each stack which are already hidden.

What’s going on? Might it be something from a Java update?

To compound the problem, the Afrika II module doesn’t supply a counter window for all the units, so we cant’ even delete and attempt to replace units with fresh ones.