Where do the modules go when they disappear?

I have downloaded several modules - opened them and set them up - they appear in the module library - so far so good.

When I close down VASSAL and then re-open it the only item in the module library is the User Guide…

I click on Open Module in File Section - the only browse list that appears is Program files or Program 86…Program files has a VASSAL Folder which has no modules in it!

Any clues where the modules have gone - at no stage was I prompted to specify a folder or location.

The User Guide and Reference Manual are no help in this situation - so I must have done something wrong - BUT WHAT?

Try your Downloads folder (per your browser settings, when you get a module from the web)

Yes, thanks - that isn’t the problem…I have been opening them from download folder and then once in library I have been deleting them from the folder as I thought they were actually in the library - doh!

Now realised that I need to make a folder for them! - The User Guide just says browse to location of the module - could be better explained.