Where does Vassal put the save files???

Where does Vassal put the save game files? When I load a module I can see it asks for a save game usually in the format .svsav but where are they? A windows “search” can’t even find them. I want to get rid of old save games, how do I do that?

Any information appreciated.

There’s no set location that Vassal puts them. Like other files, you’re prompted for the save location when you save the game.

They might not be showing up in your search because they’re actually *.vsav files, not *.svsav.

The User Guide has more information (Help >User Guide) about saved games and how to set up a Saved Game folder so you can find them easily, right in the Module Manager.

Hope this helps.

Finally found them. I couldn’t originally because unbeknowest to me I had two copies of VASSAL on my system and didn’t know that the newest version had defaulted to the program file folder.