Where Eagles Dare (MMP) - Live VASSAL

Format: VASSAL live with voice chat option (Skype or other). Am free most weeknights starting at 9PM Chicago time (GMT -6 I think)

Teach?: I’m new to GTS but am willing to learn with someone else learning as well.

Expertise: None direct so far. Read rulebook a few times and played around with the early scenarios.

I’ve been really interested in GTS lately. I own WED. Would be open to the other games in the series to at least get some play under my belt. However, I do not own them so I don’t have the exclusive rulebook for the other games.

Would like to get through the non-campaign scenarios for WED, but willing to try most anything. Given the depth of the game and my newness to the system, I am not interested in PBeM at this time. Not sure it would make much sense anyway with the Opportunity Fire rules.

Hope to hear from you! Email may be the best way to reach me ty (at) snouffer dot net