Why are some Map Windows detached? And other Questions...

Hello there,
i’m new to module creation and encountered some “things” …

A) Why is it that some Map Windows are detached from the main window, while others are not?
B) Like A, but with Game Piece Palettes
C) Can i control this attachment behaviour?
D) Can i fix the width/height of Game Piece Palettes?

Thanks, Dennis

Hi Dennis,

A. By default, the first map window (at the top of the list as you look at them in the editor) is attached to the toolbar. This is usually the Main Map.All others are detached. However, players can control this with a setting in Preferences so that the main map is detached from the chat window. Look for ‘Use Combined Application Window’ and make sure it is unchecked. However, I believe this setting is done on an individual basis, so different players would see different things depending on their own setting for this.

B. Similarly, the first game piece palette (top of the list) is attached, all others are detached. You can make the first one detached as well by putting a hidden palette at the very top of the list. Then it will be ‘attached’ but invisible. Unlike the map window setting, this would apply for all players without them having to set any preferences.

D. There’s no way to control the size of a game piece palette. I think it’s controlled by OS window settings.

Thanks for the answers.