Why doesn't Vassal check for new version?

It would be helpful if Vassal checked if a new version was available when it is initially launched and alerted the player.

Similarly, it might be helpful if when a module launched, the Vassalengine.org module library was checked and alert the player if a new version is available. (or even have a notation on the Vassal launch screen next to each loaded module (i.e., new version available)).

IMHO either or both of these would help keep people reasonably current w/ bug fixes and improvements.

This already exists.

There are lots of modules that aren’t hosted on VASSAL’s library. In addition, there are plenty of modules with bizarre or inconsistent versioning schemes and/or competing versions (sometimes all hosted on the same wiki page).

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New version is not necessarily a great idea.

Those are are things I aim to rectify for V4 with the module library service.

Rest easy, as there won’t be too many more V3 releases.

Hmm, it’s possible that I never noticed because I update frequently…

That being said, I have both 3.6.6 and 3.6.7 on my system. When I launch 3.6.6 (preference is checked) it doesn’t alert me to a new version available… Is that because it’s smart enough to recognize I already have the newest version installed?

It only checks for updates every 10 days or so. You can check manually by going to Help > Check for Updates in the Module Manager.

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