Why "snap to defined point" not work on some computers?

I created a module. The main map has a “hex grid” property. Inside of that property box, I checked the box, “Snap to defined point?”

I sent it to the designer and he says it doesn’t snap.

I created the module in Vassal 3.2.9. I suggested he go out and download the newest version. Same problem.

I event went out tonight and downloaded 3.2.11 to make sure that we are on the same version. It still works fine on mine.

Any idea why it wouldn’t work on his?

I asked him to grab a specific piece and place it in a specific hex and then take a screen shot and send it to me, so I could see how it sits, but I thought I would ask you all while I’m waiting, because even with his answer, I have no idea why it wouldn’t work on his machine.

My money is on user error (his) until proven otherwise. Any chance you can link to the module so others can also test snapping?

He is working on Windows XP. I did have others test the snapping and it works. I’ll send it to you and let you see (it’s proprietary at this point, so I’d rather not post it publicly if that’s cool).

Nah, don’t sweat it–if you verified with others, that makes me more convinced he’s doing something wrong. I don’t see anything in the bugfixes of the last few releases that have anything to do with grids/snapping, so I really doubt VASSAL version has anything to do with it.