Wild West board needed - anybody please?

Hi there

I’d like to make a Wild West shootout module based on Fistful of Lead, a great miniatures game.
It’ll feature buildings with interiors, cowboys etc - the usual Wild West bizzo and will be very simple.

Problem is that I have no background/board. Would anybody have something I can use? It just needs to be a dusty ground map. Buildings and features are put down as tiles during setup.

Thanks for your time


What size do you need?

Dr Nostromo, 800x500mm would be great. The figurines represented are 28mm with buildings etc to that scale. 800x500mm would keep the action confined to a strip of street similar to where the gunfighting happened in the movie, “Open Range”.

Thank you,

Okay. I’ve got two versions here:

This is just a blank 800x500 sandy ground map


Here’s the same map with a few added details to make it more visually appealing but may not fit your purposes.


To save either, just right-click and “Save Image As”.

That’s awesome, Dr. N! Exactly the look I was after. The more featured map will be used as an alternative board for, say, shootouts around a campfire-gone-wrong or something like that.

Thank you very much!

You’re welcome.