Window Layers

One feature I think would be real handy …at least for me …would be the ability to set a window as “Always on top” or be able to set layers for windows.

For example, if I could set the chat window to always be on top, I can run my map full screen and move the chat window around where needed or, if I had a layer on my inventory sheet and set it to always be over the map when it’s open, then transferring items into it wouldn’t require I resize the main map and find a vacant place on my desktop to put the inventory window so I can drag stuff into it.

Thus spake Jeffrey Brent McBeth:

I keep hearing about this crappy window manager put by a two-bit company
from Washington State… I think it’s called “Windows”.

It might be possible to set a window to be always-on-top from within
Java, but methods for interacting with the window manager are notorious
for providing no guarantees that they’ll work at all.


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Heh, heh. That explains a lot. :laughing: