Windows 10 and Java

I have a new laptop with Windows 10.

  • Will current Vassal Engine work with Windows 10?
  • Is Java required?
  • is a specific revision of Java required to work with Vassal?
    Thanks in advance for any help.

As per my knowledge vassal is the open source boardgame engine which is availabale on any OS like macos,windows but it required the java JRE. So I think you have to install this so that you can enjoy it.

OldRebel I have windows10 and Java 8 installed the app works although I just experienced a problem with saving
a module I was working on.
specifically when I try to save the module to the Vassal folder Win10 denies me and asks to contact the administrator for the privileges…I can only presume that the Vassal folder created by the .exe is a domain and I can’t save there.


Sounds an awful lot like you are storing your work-in-progress module in the VASSAL folder itself (or a subfolder of it), which is probably in C:\Program Files.

Don’t do that. Modules belong in your home directory.

Thanks JoelCFC25

I had the module folder in the home directory and it worked fine…I guess I had a brain fart.
All is in its proper spot now.
Thanks Again

I have windows10 and Java 8 installed, the app works just fine

Hi. I am thinking of installing VASSAL but since JAVA is required I am very hesitant.
In the old days JAVA was considered to be a security risk and a malware magnet. Is JAVA still unsecure?

Thus spake GrumpyInJapan:

Hi. I am thinking of installing VASSAL but since JAVA is required I am
very hesitant.
In the old days JAVA was considered to be a security risk and a malware
magnet. Is JAVA still unsecure?

I don’t recall that ever having been the case.

The Java browser plugin, which isn’t part of modern Java and has been
dead for ages, had a series of security problems, but that’s decades ago

Regardless, if you install the VASSAL package for Windows, it comes bundled
with Java, so you needn’t have an independent Java install at all.


I recently received a notice (from Java Update Checker I seem to remember) of an available Java update. I wasn’t sure whether to do it, as Vassal’s download for Windows is already equipped with a version of Java, but in the end the idea prevailed that if the manufacturer issued an update it was worth downloading. While downloading, I saw that the update was for version 8 of the application and it seems to me that this is used by VASSAL 3.2.17, which I still use together with the most up-to-date one.
My question is: did I do the right thing in downloading the Java update? And what to do in the future in such a case?

If you’re still using 3.2.17, then you do need Java 8 or earlier installed. The current version of Java 8 is recommended for that.

If and when there’s another Java 8 update, I recommend installing that if you’re using 3.2.17 at that point. If you stop using 3.2.17 and you don’t use the installed Java for anything else, I recommend removing it.

Thank you, Joel.

-No. Win 10 works with every version of Java.

Je sais que Vassal inclut maintenant une version de Java - est-il possible que cela dérange d’autres éléments basés sur Java sur ma machine W10

No, the Java included with VASSAL should only be used by VASSAL, it should not affect any other Java applications on your machine.


Newbie here. I’ve been thinking of trying VASSAL for a while but been reticent to do so because it means having Java on my PC.

However, reading the comments above, I’d like to make sure I understand this right:

  1. I don’t need to download Java because it comes bundled with VASSAL.
  2. The version with VASSAL has no plug ins so its safe on line as malware on websites can’t interact with it?
  3. Being bundled with the VASSAL download means this Java isn’t accessible for use by any other programme other than VASSAL - meaning again, its safe?

Correct (unless you’re running Linux).


Unless you deliberately alter your path to point to the bundled Java, no other programme will know how to find it, so correct.

We’ve never relied on the browser plugin, and no package we’ve produced that installs Java or has Java bundled with it has included the browser plugin. The Java browser plugin was deprecated in Java 9 and you’d be hard pressed to even find a current browser which can run it. There wasn’t an issue with VASSAL and the browser plugin fifteen years ago, let alone in 2021; I’m amazed at this point that people even remember it existed.

Thanks for the replies.

I’ll give VASSAL a try.

I own a physical copy of Holland 44, but lack an opponent. So once I get to downloading and familiarizing myself with VASSAL, I’m looking forward to finding an opponent on line.

Thanks again 8)