Windows Sentinel removes Vassal as a Threat Detected


The default W10 Sentinel Anti-virus keeps on deleting the .exe of Vassal, treating it as a Threat.

Should I stop developing under Windows, and only use MacOS ???

How can I tell sentinel to trust this binary ?

Thanks for your help

Anti-viruses usually have an Exception or Exclusion option. If you can find that, tell it to ignore vassal.exe. You might also consider another virus scanner. I would recommend Webroot. It’s really effective and has an extremely tiny footprint on your system resources.

Unfortunately defender is a default for my poor windows. I uninstalled Vassal completely, then added from the zip option instead of msi. I could then add the exception for the .exe
Thx for your help

As well it should, Vassal is da debil!
Windows Sentinel stands guard at the gate to hell!