Wolf (new module)


I’d first like to say hello to the Vassal comunnity, and thank the Vassal creator and Gaetbe who “moduled” my game !

I’m the designer of Wolf, “a strategy, cooperative and paranoïac game for 2 to 6 players, staging the confrontation between a werewolves pack and an adventurers team”.
Wolf is still a prototype, so your comments are welcome.
You’ll find the US rules into the module, so you’ll understand how the game works.
Few things to know about the module :

Push the “Initialisation” button so that all the cards and units are placed on the board.
Each player opens his own Hand (“Main des joueurs”). All the Heroes are represented because, depending on the number of players, a player may have several Heroes to play, and the Wolf player may have to manage some Heroes Wolf cards.

Push the “Init Contamination” button : Here is a 10 Wolf cards stock + 2 addional cards.
1 card of that stock is a Black Wolf card, it means that one Hero could be secretly contaminated from the begining of the game.
The Wolf player takes one card for each Hero played by a multi-Heroes player (in a 2 to 5 players game), and places it in his own Hand. The Wolf player is the only one to know about that Hero contamination.
The single-Hero players pick their own Wolf card and place it in their Hand. They are the only ones to know about their own contamination.
(It will work the same way during the game with the Wolf cards stock of the board, when a Wolf attack will happen)
The 5 remaining cards of that Initialisation stock rejoin the main Wolf card stock, on the board.
The 2 additional cards may also rejoin the board stock : +2 cards for a 6 players game, +1 card for a 3 to 5 players game.
Close this “Init contamination” window.

The “Armes” button is used to have a fast view on the Weapons scores.
The game is ready, the Heroes begin.

I hope my english was comprehensible enough ;)


There was a little “initialisation” bug, sorry, the corrected module is now available, you will have to first “Initialize” the game, before “Init contamination” (read the first post).

Oops second bug fixed (problem with the dice) :blush: