wont load player sides

I have a Mod of third reich and after a couple of plays by email sending log files back and forth when my opponent tries to load as the British side it wont allow him and he has to continue as observer,this has happened with For the people as well here is the link to the mod any suggestions?


Did he change his password in between logs? If so that will do it.

We have been loading the game by double clicking the log file so it has not asked for the password. It will 'lose" the player side after a few turns.

This is caused by changing your password in the Vassal preferences (File → Preferences → Personal) while a game is in progress.

If you can’t remember the original password, then you will need to recreate the game. Please try again and if the same thing happens without someone changing their password, then re-report it as a bug.


Thank you we will try again.

nope. at first it never even asked for a password. i could just click on the logfile and vassal woukd open right to the game.

btw, i just got it to work properly, by opening vassal, logging in, and then starting a saved game, your latest logfile

that’s my opponents reply what do you think is it Vasaal or the game?

I have noticed a possible Vassal bug that’s been around for a few versions. I will open a module that I’ve used dozens of times before, and suddenly I will get an unexpected prompt for my user name and password as if I were a brand new user. I will enter the information, and it works fine. Normally I am playtesting scenarios for a new game and I’m in and out dozens of times in a day, so the sudden prompt is quite a surprise. In fact, it happened just yesterday when I opened a log to a pbem game.

From my experience, I am guessing that a timing problem is causing Vassal to corrupt or destroy the preferences file. It happens so infrequently that I have not tried to gather more information. I normally don’t go in by double-clicking a vsav or vlog, so I don’t know the behavior in that case. It’s possible that this may relate to your problem. I suggest the next time it happens that you run it the “long way” to see if you are getting the behavior that I’ve experienced.

What you have posted is exactly what is happening it seams to always happen with this mod that I posted the link to. You are playing the game normally and a few turns in and it won’t give you the opportunity to load as your side it will only give you observer. My partner was able to reload as his side as you can see in the last post. It’s nice to know it’s not just this mod. What is “the long way”?

After re-reading your post I think “the long way” is to open Vassal open the mod the open the log file? I have done that with the same game and it still loses your side,come to think of it,it only loses the British side,my opponent is the british and it lost him and in another game I’m the British and it lost me. That seams strange that it would only lose one side?

When I said the “long way”, I meant starting vassal and the module and loading the game from within the module – not double-clicking the vlog. The reason you are having the problem is that vassal believes that your password is not what it expected. (User name does not matter.) Passwords are linked to sides, so it knows which side you are playing by observing your password. The mystery is what is changing the password? I am guessing that the file that stores this information is getting corrupted or destroyed because in my case, the symptoms look like “no password” instead of “wrong password.” However, I have not done any exploring to try to isolate the conditions. In your case, you should try pulling down “preferences” from the menu and resetting your password to what it is supposed to be. Then exit and re-enter the game if necessary.

I believe that is what my opponent has done with success. So I guess we just need to keep resetting till it’s fixed thnx.