Working with multiple boards

Hello everyone,

I have just started to play with Vassal and I’m trying to create my first module.

I’m trying to work around the boards but I’m having difficulties around “multiple boards”.

I’m creating a game that has the following:

*** A general playing area (view/edit by all players)
*** A resources tracker (view/edit by all players)
*** A player board (view by all, edit by the player)

I have the initial Map window that comes by default.

inside of it, I have added a board for the playing area (with no image). This works fine.

Then I tried to add a second board for the Resources tracker. I was wondering if I could add it to the playing area (as you can do it with decks and other pieces). I’m not finding how to do it.

IF it’s not possible, how can I access this new board to be able to take pieces from there into the players hand and/or playing area?

I also need to have an portion of playing area for each player to place his player board and manage his cards and tokens. Should I do this on the Player hand? or is there any better way to do it?

many thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

anyone ?

I don’t know much about multiple boards, and I’ve never tried it, but it should be possible to have several boards in a window by using the “Can Contain Multiple Boards” option.

However I think that you just want multiple “windows” (map window / private window / player hand) rather than multiple boards:

  • Keep the initial map window for your general playing area (with one board)
  • Add another map window for your resources tracker (with one board)
  • Add new private windows or player hands for each player (with one board each)

Not sure I fully understand what you’re trying to do.

What I might suggest, this being your first module and all, is going to Youtube and finding Joel Toppen’s series on authoring in VASSAL. His 8-or 9-part series is excellent and prepared me to create my first module with a very sure hand. There is detailed info on boards in one of the installments.