World at War from Lock n Load

Anyone want to start up a game? I am on CST time.

So after almost 100 looks, is it that no one plays World at War, no one wants to play either live or PBEM World at War, or no one wants to play me at World at War? :wink:

Sometimes people also list other games they’re interested in playing other then they’re favorite of what’s listed in the topic. That’s why I click. Nothing personal.

I’m looking for a pbem.
Never played waw before.
See you.
Laurent (France)

I will PM you.

Hi audiemurphy67
Sorry, I speak easy English. I am Italian.

I’m looking for a pbem.
Start from the first scenario.

how to record the roll of the dice! we use WHS


Hi there,
I’m in the UK (so 5 hours ahead of you) and if the time difference isn’t too bad, I’d be up for a game, preferably ‘live’.