World at War

Module covers Eisenbach Gap, Death of The First Panzer and LOF insert Map and scenario Down By The River.

All feedback , feature requests etc welcome

Release date : This week

Is this module intended to replace the existing Eisenbach Gap Vassal module?


Has this been released yet?


Waiting on Mark should be any day now. 8)

Available from or the WAW pages

I had the following “private” question. Please feel free to post them on the Forum


“I had a question on the “Marker Removal” button, though. It seems that if you use it at the beginning of an activation phase, it will take both sides’ “Ops Complete” markers off. Is this what it is supposed to do, or is it a bug?”


I left that Button in from the original Module it is meant to be used at the End Of turn when all ops complete are removed from all formations and ammo/smoke markers are depleted/removed. In the Marker Removal Phase which I believe is its label.

When a formation chit is pulled and put on the “table” it should highlight the formation selected and remove all Ops complete markers, Im sure I made it automatic , if not the formation marker also has a menu option to manually remove all ops complete markers from its formation.

It highlights all units in its command and shades it command range so you can check for units out of command.

To Correct error on 2/174 TOE.

Place this file in the same directory as the module , rename it to
1.4.3 to 1.4.4.jar

and double click it.