World at War

Hi all,
I’m partly through a game of WaW - Eisenbach Gap scenario 1, and I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong but I’m noticing a coupole of strange ‘issues’.

Once a unit has become Ops Complete, and then has another activation and that Ops Complete marker is removed, the counter takes on either a red or yellow border. Those units cannot be made Ops Complete again, even once the Remove Marker button has been pressed.

We’ve also noticed that neither of us can see each other’s combat dice rolls except in the chat window.

Neither of these things are game-changers, just wondering whether I’m not doing something right.

I am using WaW Module v3.3 & Vassal v3.1.14


Solved the Ops Complete issue. Use the “Clear Ops Complete” option on the unit affected, rather than delete the Ops Complete marker.