World in Flames: looking for players

Looking for players for World in Flames, possibly a Global War Campaign.

I have played two global war campaigns (both ended around ´44) with the boardgame, now looking into using Vassal module for the first time.

I´m GMT+1, we can play real time or by email!

I’m interested. del at
Global War works for me – 2-3 players is probably good for that.
I’m in Australia, GMT + 10. If it was real time it would need to be a weekend or other day you’re not working, around mid morning to early afternoon your time, evening my time.

I’m Interested too.
I’ve played one time the full campaign
Nowaday’s I prefer PBEM play,but in time we can change to live. (du to i have very few free time at the moment.)


I´d also would play. I really just can play PBEM. seldom will I be able to connect live.

Just tell me