World in Flames Oppnents wanted

Looking for players for World in Flames (WiF) Global War. Games is held on Monday evenings 1830 CDT (GMT-6) to 2330 CDT or later as players agree.

I’m in CDT. Monday’s from 6:30pm to 11:30pm? Sure.

I want to note this is a live vassal game using Skype.

Yes, I am interested
I am also a veteran WIF player

I live in CDT also. Mondays are fine. I would be very interested in playing

I search a player that want to PBEM for the normal movements, and play online the combats and interceptions for the nights of GMT+1.

I have played some years ago 10 games more or less, now I want to start with the operation barbarossa for continue with the complete game.

Hi Divado, I would mind to play the Barbarrosa campaing I am in GMT+1 so what time can we play?

Hi, I’m GMT+1 too, I’m currently playing a real WiF full campaign with some friends, but I’d like to do another game with the Vassal Module, let me know!

I haven’t played using vassal and I wondered if I could watch a game?

Any suggestions?


Go online and look for our game folder. Join. announce yourself. Then you can watch. we use skype so you may only see movement of counters and die rolling.