World of Warcraft the boardgame

Where can I find the Module the World of Warcraft the boardgame?
you send me link
thanks all.

It’s gonna become a reality!

The module has been uploaded! Enjoy.

If anyone has played this module please feel free to leave us feedback. v1.1 is already underway with several suggestions we’ve received from the community.


Noting that the last post was made 3 years ago, any chance of seeing the 1.1 version?

I have played it, and works fine :slight_smile:
Only wish the expansion sets would be aviable, seems like most of those cards are aviable for it…just missing characters and the extra board addition.

Edit: Some Event cards are miss placed in the Blue Quest Deck, and the expansion I was refering to was the Burning Crusade Expansion. I know the Shadow of War is already added, which should possibly be defined in the description section of the module :slight_smile:

I played world of warcraft and it works amazingly,I enjoy playing it.And waiting for it expansion and hopefully it will also as amazing as its previous series.I will acheter world of warcraft as very excited to experience the new game-play.