Wrong documentation and online viewing

Two different matters here:

  1. on the Basic Piece page from the manual, it can be read among the properties:

PlayerSide: returns the side of the current player, etc.

Well, the problem is that it is not really PlayerSide but playerSide (not caps at the start). I did not understand why I could not have the property correctly set. Now I understand!

Related important question: what about the other properties. Do they have to be called without a caps at the start.

In any case, if this is not a bug, please amend the documentation before others get caught.

  1. Could you make the manual available online? Indeed, I have no way to do a search from what is stored offline. I’d much rather search for keywords on Google. There might be ways to search offline, but I believe that the easiest option is simply to make everything available online. BTW, I don’t see why this is not already the case, or is is already there?

Kind regards.