www.vassalengine.org - down ???

I cannot open main site, what happen ?
When will be ok again ?

Im having the same problem its been going on for the past few days any idea when it will be up an running again?

It certainly does look down. I’m not sure what’s happening, the guys may be doing an upgrade; Though I’m not sure why the old site needs to be down to do so. And without public announcement. Could be technical difficulties in which case I hope the guys are aware of it.

Joel knows

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I have been trying to gain access since the evening of July 3rd Im not sure the “guys” realize theres a technical problem.

They may be moving it to the new server. Since the website got hacked they wanted to move that forward. File uploads had already been disabled in anticipation of the move.

Thus spake “pulkownik”:

We’re presently working to get the main site up again. We don’t know
what the issue was yet.


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