Yes, it's that masking problem again

Ok, I’ve read the reference manual and Trait Order In Counters on the forums, followed the instructions but have gotten nowhere.

I need a unit token that appears as a radar ping first (with the unit only in view to the owning player, covered under the Mask trait) that can then be revealed with line of sight (flipped). The units have the following traits in the order listed but in-game appear as the revealed unit and the console reports “Player blah turns over the radar ping and reveals a radar ping”!! :

Basic Piece (containing the unit image)
Mask (containing the radar ping image)
Report Action
Replace With Other (containing Basic Piece with hi-res model image)
Restricted Access (so only the correct player can move it).

I’m sure it’s something blindingly obvious but I can’t for the life of me see it…help.

Thanks in advance.

This is mostly LurchBrick’s work with some updated graphics though seeing danjaman’s work I might pass the graphics over :smiley:

Try again :blush:

Never mind, sorted it ;)

I haven’t had a chance to look at the module, so what was your solution?

I was being a bleedin’ twit!

Basically…I hadn’t turned over the unit tokens before placing them on the board so you just saw the basic token without any masking etc :blush:

RTFM and all that :laughing: