Yggdrasil stuff

This is an amazing mod, just won tonight on a solo basis, love the way it works, but:

a) Can we simplify the way we add the harder cards? Seems hard at the moment - though this is my least important point

b) It would be good to have more “send to” options in e.g. the FG realm - so you can send 2 or 3 FG to a bag, rather than sending 1, 3 times - and since 3 is the max, it ought not to be too tricky

c) I love it that we can multiple-select vikings to send back to Helheim - can we do that with both vikings and elves? So that we can send back, with one click, all that needs to go to where it needs to go?

d) Obviously, it would be great if we could right-click to draw “up to 3 vikings” when we’re bag-dipping. I suspect that’s not too easy or would’ve been done. As I see it, you now have to drag 3 manually off the heap, then return non-vikings. Is that right? Can we not do a right-click to grab “up to 3 vikings”? Would be good.

e) if there’s any clever way to “stack” the Giants, to help with rune construction, that would be good too.

And if none of these is possible - ok! It’s still a great mod, and I’m very grateful for it. Cheered me up no end tonight when I won solo, having lost the paper version earlier with 3p hard!

Thanks again.