Zap Wars tutorial glossary

I am going through the tutorial in the Vassal Module Designer’s Guide Board tutorial and I’m having trouble finding the forms they’re referring to.
For instance “Include Toolbar button to show/hide option” I can’t find where that goes. I’m not looking for someone what all the terms are, just how to find them. I tried searching the Guide but there was no reference to it.
I suspect that there is some previous or more basic knowledge that I don’t have?

Any suggestions of where to start?

This is part of the configuration of a Map Window.

There are a couple YouTube video playlists linked on the wiki that are good–despite their age, they’re still fundamentally sound and will only be missing some advanced features added in the last couple years.

Those are the GMT videos that you made? Often I can learn a new process by just starting it and then learning it as I go by looking up individual questions. Guess I’ll have to buckle down and watch the videos. :slight_smile:
I was hoping for a “Vassal for Dummies”. The videos are good so I’ll do that.
And, thanks for making the videos

No, they were created by Joel Toppen, a prolific creator of modules for GMT Games.

I am not aware of any material more basic and thorough than these videos in combination with the Module Designer’s Guide. Those resources and the documentation itself are what I routinely point people to when some guidance is requested. The time it takes to wrap your mind around it all varies a lot–it seems like people who have a lot of experience tinkering with software in pursuit of other projects/hobbies get up to speed a little quicker, but that’s just a hunch I have.

Thanks, good thing I’m retired and have plenty of time.