Zipping Problems after Module Edit

Hi all,

actually I’m working on my BFG 2.0 Module again.
Usually I unzip der .vmod and swap some Files in or out.
Afterwards I rezip der folder.
This worked fine since I started developing my mod with VASSAL 3.1.13.
Now after a break of a couple of month I tried this with the new Version as well, but now the rezipped modul is rejected by VASSAL with an error message stating ‘could not open modul’.

I’m used to do the drill with the standard XP zip tools.
But RAR and/or winzip are failing too now.

Adding and deleting files without unzipping/zipping by using the XP ZIP-Folder tool is still possible but takes forever (the mod has already more than 50MB)

Any idea what’s going on here?


Thus spake “Harlekin”:

Can you put the broken module someplace where we can download it?


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