Zombies!!! module now available

Zombies!!! is a game put together by Twilight Creations. It’s pretty simple, and the gameplay is basically trying to kill zombies and escape, but it is still fairly enjoyable. They have six expansions (up to Zombies!!! 7), three of which are included in this module release. The movement reporting still has to be completed, but all game functionality is up and running. Any bug reports can be placed here, as well as any small feature request. This is located in the modules section of the main site, or also on it’s on Google Code page (for SVN usage): http://code.google.com/p/zombies-vassal-module/

As a side note:

This module was made with and for VASSAL 3.1b5, and has been shown so far to not work with 3.0.17. If you’re using a version in between, please post here your results in using this mod with that version.

Thank you very much. I’ve not been on here since my days of playing SW Mini’s and to come back and find one of my favorite games has been added it just great news to me!

I’ve been playing around with it a little bit and haven’t found anything yet. Only thing I noticed was you said it wasn’t working with 3.0.17. I loaded it on that version (Before finding this thread) and it was working just fine for me (XP Pro/OS).

One last thing, When do you suspect having time to add the other sets? I’m greatful for what there is now, Just wondering.

Thank you very much!

Edit (6:30pm EST): After playing for a bit now, There’s something I find could use improvement if it’s able to.

The “Playmat” and the Tiles can’t move after placement. I say this because if you accidentally start running out of room in one direction then you need to move stuff around to accommodate for that. Maybe make them Lockable and Un-lockable? Don’t know if that can be done or not.

Other than that, Great so far for me.

Heh, if you’re still around (that was one thing I was looking at making: Quick-start guide and hotkey lists… lol), you actually can move them by Shift+clicking them. I don’t know about moving multiple tiles/mats at once (though really, you shouldn’t need to I wouldn’t think), but that will activate them again and make them moveable.

Thank you very much for the tip, I had no clue I could do that. I’ve been playing on and off for months now and getting new friends and family addicted to the game and I still haven’t found anything that is “buggy”.

Once again, You did an excellent job!