Zombies!!! Players Wanted!

Hello! I’m looking for some people to play Zombies!!! with. If you’re new, that’s fine as well. I’m willing to teach if your willing to learn! Understood? Please reply and join me for some fun!


I’d play Zombies for sure. Lemme know when!

i’m down. i love that game.


I’m up for a game of Zombies!!! too.

I’m new to Vassal but know Zombies!!!


If you’re still looking for Zombies!!! players, I would like to play. But I know practically nothing about the game, so I’m certainly a newbie. I’m willing and anxious to learn the game, though.

Just let me know what I need to do


Hi all

I’m new to this board but I’ve played Zombies before and have experience with VASL. I’d like to play Zombies.


I’d like to play :smiley:

Hey, guys, let me know when you get on to play, I’ll be looking into adding more packs to it (hopefully with Z0M8I3’s help), as well as some more tweaking, so you can figure out improvements in game (seeing as how you’re all probably more experienced with Zombies!!! than I am. I only found out about it when my brother asked me to make a module for him, lol), and I’ll be there to take them down!

I’m going to try to get on Vassal this evening and play…about 7:00 Central Time (Texas)…

But as I said, I’m pretty new to VASSAL and don’t know that much about Zombies!!! either.


Is anyone that posted in this thread still actively playing?

Hi,I want to play Zombies let me know when ,never played on vassal.

Sounds good to me, When are you mostly avail to play? I’m usually free to play around 10PM EST most nights.