Zone highlighting in 3.4.8

Something changed between 3.4.6 and 3.4.8 to stop some zone highlighting in one of my modules from working.

I know this is vague, but multi-zone grid, zones with “use highlighting”, zone highlighters numbered 2 through 6, global properties linked to zones, pieces that have a dynamic property triggered when a player (2 through 6) plays a piece, changing a highlightvalue global property. When the piece is moved to a zone, another piece specific to the zone changes the zone gp to the highlightvalue, causing the zone to be highlighted in the player colour.

All this works fine in 3.4.6, but no changes to highlighting occur in 3.4.8.

Can someone point me to a change in Vassal that might have triggered this change in behaviour, so I can update the module?


Turns out this might be platform-specific. Zone highlighting does not display for me, on Windows 10, but does for a Mac user (Catalina (10.15.7)).

I am experiencing the same.

I am able to add zones to the map and then a rectangular grid, but I cannot edit the grid. Arrow keys will not move it. It will no longer allow you to click three points to define the shape. Nothing.

I look forward to the update that corrects this challenge.


I have more confirmation from other players that this is a platform-specific bug. Zone highlighting appears to be broken on Windows, working for Macs, in Vassal 3.4.8.

You say it did not occur in 3.4.6 but does in 3.4.8. What about 3.4.7? Please check that and report back to help narrow the range of changes involved.

This is a different issue, which I believe we’ve already fixed in the current test build, VASSAL-3.4.9-SNAPSHOT-db96b95b3, available here:

Please try that build and let us know if it fixes the problem.

The bug I described is still occurring in the 3.4.9 snapshot, but does not occur in 3.4.7.

In what module can I see the zone highlighting problem? What are the steps to reproduce it?

Pax Pamir (second edition) is the module for which I noticed the problem.

The easiest way to reproduce it is to 1) follow the steps for setting up a game (you need to get cards onto the main map) by choosing a playerside, opening the setup window and clicking set up game for x players. Then 2) drag one of the face-up cards onto the track around the periphery of the main map.

An alternative to step 1, with far fewer automated steps, is to choose a playerside, open the card decks window, and drag a card from the first deck to one of the marked rectangles in the upper left of the map or to your player hand window. Step 2 is the same - drag the card from the main map or your hand to the track around the periphery of the map.

The intended result, and what happens in 3.4.7 and earlier Vassal versions, is that the card snaps into position, generates an “impact” report, and highlights the zone in which the card is placed in your playerside colour. The highlight (only) does not occur in 3.4.8.

Yes the new build fixes my challenge that I was having. Sorry to include this in this thread - I was thinking the OP was experiencing zone-editing problems, too.


I had not realized how zone highlighters were painted when I added the code in 3.4.8 to cache map tiles with grids already drawn. Unfortunately, zone highlighting prevents grid caching, so I’ve had to disable grid caching for boards where zone highlighters are used.

Try the VASSAL-3.4.9-SNAPSHOT-bug13655-1bfcba964 build and let me know if that solves the problem for you:

That snapshot seems to work fine, thank you.