zone spanning different map pieces

Apologies in advance if this is considered a basic question, but i have not been able to find a response to this on either google or by skimming this forum.
I am creating zones on a map board consisting of multiple map pieces. This means that some of the zones i want span two different pieces. As far as i can see there’s no simple way of doing this in the editor, but i am admittedly a noob. Will i have to recreate my board as single piece in order to get this right?

By ‘map piece’, do you mean window? board? or piece?

AFAIK pieces would be irrelevant to board zones.

I believe he means he’s using two images (pieces) tiled together to form one large map.

The way to do this is define the zone separately in each section. Give them the same name, and no one will be able to tell the difference.

With one major exception: It is possible to have stacks ‘snap to’ the same place, but be different stacks, if they are on different boards (or just overlap more regularly). If you are breaking a hexgrid map into pieces, it is strongly advised that you divide it near the hex boundaries.

Also, Vassal 3.2 handles large images quite well, so if your image software can handle it, I suggest keeping the board as all one image, and everything else will be simplified.

I think you mean divide it away from the hex boundaries? The boundary of one hex is in a direct line with the center of the hex above and below it which will cause the problem you describe. The best place to cut a hex grid is half way between the hex centre and the hex edge. (Assuming a ‘vertical’ hex layout)

I was more thinking in terms of vertical splits. But horizontally, I would consider what you describe as being ‘near’ the hex boundaries. If you cut along the lines, then yes, the alternate hexes will get split along the middle, and that’s not near the hex boundary at all.