Zoom and Bad data problems - Help Please

OS is Windows XP
Vassal 3.1.0_Beta6
Java Version 6 update 11

I am experiencing two problems that I did not have before updating Java and using 3.1.0 Beta6:

  1. When using zoom or scrolling to a previously unviewed area in a map window the map is displayed with counters on a white background and the map is then built up square by square quite slowly.

  2. I am getting two Bad Data found in module or saved game messages when I load a saved game, refrencing Image not found, but only when I view a map window, however the two images seem to be on the map.

The module in question is GDW Third World War, but it is a version that I have doctored slightly by adding some images so the problem may be with the images that I have added.

The map building slowly on a white background is taking about 15 seconds to display. I am experiencing this in another module but it is not so pronounced.

Thus spake “Peter Roberts”:

As of 3.1.0, we paint maps by tiles in order to help with memory management.
The map in TWW is pretty large. How much RAM do you have?

I’d suggest (1) turning on memory-mapped files first, and if that doesn’t
improve performance for you, try (2) increasing your maximum heap. Both of
those can be found in the Preferences. (Note that you have to restart VASSAL
for these to take effect.)

The problem here is that there’s an image name in the buildFile for which
there is no corresponding image file in the module. What’s the message
that you’re getting, exactly?


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Thanks for the response Joel.

  1. I have 1GB of RAM and turning on memory mapped files seems to have greatly improved matters - thanks very much. Prior to doing that when I tried using zoom I was getting screen freezes and Vassal wouldn’t respond.

  2. The exact message I am getting is “Bad data found in module or saved game. Image not found US 15-5-7” and “Bad data found in module or saved game. Image not found US 5-5-7”

The two units referenced i.e. the US 15-5-7 armour and 5-5-7 ACR both appear on the map when the saved game is loaded. If I start a new game and put the two units on the map and save and load that game I dont get the error messages, so it appears that the problem is with the saved game and not the module.

One thing, when I was trying to figure out what was wrong I unzipped the module and looked at the image files and noticed that the GIF images for the US 15-5-7 and US 5-5-7 are named with underscores between the numerals and not dashes (all other unit images are named with dashes). I dont know whether this has anything to do with it or whether it is just a coincidence. I even tried putting a GIF image in the images folder named 15-5-7 to see if that would make a difference, but then I got a third Image not found message when the map window was displayed referencing my new image.

At the moment it isn’t preventing continuation of the game as the unit counters are appearing on the map, but I would like to understand and if possible resolve it. Thanks again for the advice re the memory mapped files. Pete