.16 bug and a problem

Using sfb cadet module. Logged in as an observer looking at V13 of the module bonus scenario Pirate war. Was testing to see if the “Units on map” window would let me delete a chart or access the “show data” spreadsheet. It shouldn’t allow me to do either as I am observer. It allowed me to delete a chart (which removes it from the player ssd area, and it generated a bug when I tried the “show data” from the units on map window(that should only be accessible by the player from that players ssd area).

After I closed the bug window…

I went back in as Orion player and tried to access the “show data” of the Wyn player from the "Units on map window"and it allowed me to have access to the spreadsheet which it should not do. It properly would not allow me access when I tried through the Wyn players “SSD area”.

So it generates a bug when trying to access something I shouldn’t as an observer, and gives me access when it shouldn’t when an actual player.

The “Show Data” spreadsheet when in a player ssd area needs to be secret , accessible by only that player. If on the actual map it can be accessible by all.

Just checked in .15
The same bug happens when trying to access “show data” in the “units on map” window as an observer.
It doesn’t improperly look at the “show data” for the other player in the “units on map area”.
It does however let me delete items(from the “player ssd area”) from the “units on map” while an observer.

A player on .15 says they can do this too, maybe I was too fast in checking. It looks like I will have to restrict what is on the Game Piece Inventory Window more.
Hunting up expression that will only show counters for game pieces with prototype definition Ship Weapon and SubShip.
Either that or exclude anything in a player SSD area (player hand).