1914 TiTE how to place counter that is outside board

My problem is that one of supply depots was eliminated (deleted) and it is not present in reincforcments window two (and more - checked) turns after elimination?

Is there a possibility to see counters deleted and place some of them back on the map? If no, how can I bring the depot back?

Undo is not an option, because it is not stretching this far back.

Thanks in advance.


The way I manage the destroyed depot is to keep them on the board, on the 1-20 labelled boxes North fo Dantzig, in the box labelled two more that the current turn.

But it’s tre that we should be able to see the dead counters in order to check when we have to replace some assets with new counters instead of looking every sack.

But this is a very great module for a great game ayway!