1960; Fleet Series; GBOH; Civil War; Take My Stand; GCACW

Looking for a 1960 opponent. I have only played a couple of times, but I’m a regular Twilight Struggle player, so it will come back to me quickly I think.

Also interested in opponent for 2nd Fleet, Hoplite, Great Battles of Alexander, VG’s The Civil War, Kingmaker.

I am also interested in learning the Great Campaigns of the American Civil War series and I’ll Take My Stand or Virgin Queen. I don’t own any of these, however.


I’d like to play 1960.

I prefer to play online with Skype.

I live in Canberra Australia UTC +11 hours.

I can play day or night but Tuesday and weekends are usually not available.

Hi Brian,

I would be interested in a pbem VG Civil War. Easy as to sides.
I would suggest optional rules:

  1. 20.1 Jackson and Lyon are not killed
  2. 21.1 Confederate River Supply
  3. 21.3 Revealed Leaders
  4. 21.4 1 to 2 Depot Consumption
  5. 21.6 Confederate Navy
  6. 21.7 Stacking
8) 21.9 Non-Army Leader Reaction & Non-Army Leader Removal
  1. 21.11 Union Rail Movement
  2. 21.12 Union Off Map RR Movement
  3. 22.0 Variant Leader System - Entire
    I can send you a copy of the latest iteration of the rules if you don’t already have a copy.

That of course should be Here I Stand, not Take my Stand.

I’m interested in a pbem game of any of the Fleet series.