1960 Load Saved Games Resets Starting cubes

When loading a saved 1960 game it resets all cubes to the starting configuration. I’ve made a (local) copy of the module and removed the item highlighted below which works. But I’m not experienced enough creating VASSAL modules to figure out how to make it work for both a new game and a re-loaded one. Any suggestions?

The classic method to establish pieces at startup is to use at-start stacks, or make a game file that has the pieces in the required startup positions.

If you use a Startup GKC then it needs to include a check that makes it only fire once per game. Vassal v3.6 includes a specific startup gkc that is once per game.

I made a modified version of this module for my own purposes a couple years ago that eliminates the Startup GKC and has self-deleting buttons on the main map for initial cube placement at the start of a game. You can use it if you like–grab it from my Dropbox.

Thanks! I’ve grabbed it and I’ll give it a try!