1st Alamein

With only about a dozen pieces on each side, I would think my little 1st Alamein would be an ideal Vassal game.

My older son, who did the graphics and helped me playtest (and design, really) the game is in Oregon, and here I am in Norway, so maybe we can play this on a regular basis again.

Frank Chadwick and Tom Harris played this during a break between game sessions, one WinterCon in Champaign-Urbana (Illinois) some years ago, and they seemed to enjoy it. As I remember, they played a tough, tense game to a draw.

I am fairly clueless as to how to get it up and running but will be trying valiantly to do so. I’ve uploaded the raw PNGs of the map and pieces.

After I get 1st Alamein up, I think my little German Eagle vs. Russian Bear and then Moscow Defended! would be good simple, playable candidates.

Any encouragement and suggestions will be most appreciated. :confused:

The games are free to print off and assemble for face-to-face play from my webpages: LCoat.tripod.com

Lou Coatney