2 Players on Same Wifi/Ip control the same character

I’m trying to play Game of Thrones the board game online, and not sure how to bypass this problem.

Myself, and two friends are playing from three different cities and it works perfectly. My girlfriend is playing from my laptop at my place on the same Wifi. When we start playing the game, Vassal thinks we’re the same person, even though we both have accounts and both appear as separate players in the menu. We can’t join separate teams. If one person switches, the other personal automatically switches too.

Is there a way to bypass this? To make the game recognize that though we have the same IP address, we want to control different houses! (players)

Thanks for any help, and my apologies if this has been answered before.


You all need to be using different module passwords–that’s the first thing that comes to mind as an explanation.

If you think it’s a duplicate IP issue you should try to set up a P2P game via server preferences. You may have to work through firewall or router port issues, but then every player will be represented by a unique IP address.

Had the same issue the other night while playing with playing with two friends who were on the same wifi network. They tried everything listed above. Even tried a vpn but to no avail. Has anyone figured out how to resolve this issue? Was a frustrating night

When you said they ‘tried everything listed above’, can you specifically confirm that each of the ‘duplicate’ players selected File → Preferences, clicked on the Personal tab, then typed in a new password, then rejoined the game?