2nd Fleet newbie

Hi , ive been trying to get one of the fleet games for a while
and a second hand copy arrived yesterday
is anyone willing to have a learning game ?
probably PBEM but i could do some FTF via skype etc
im east coast australia so GMT +10


Hi Andy, am willing to have a try at 2nd fleet.

I have the game and the Vassal Module. Module version 2.0b. Vassal Version 3.1.15

Have played Sixth fleet via email before but not 2nd fleet!

I am in England.



Nice to see 2nd fleet getting some attention. Keep me in mind if either of you want a game.

I have had 2nd a while. Just now getting used to Sixth.

pms sent

Hi marktb1961 there are several people wanting opponents on the Facebook Victory Games Fleet Series page. You can find me on boardgame geek.