2nd Fleet Opponent Wanted

Look for opponent for 2nd Fleet. Little rusty, but have played most fleet games. Online play preferred. US East Coast time zone.

Hi, I just got 2nd Fleet off Ebay a week ago after playing it several years ago. I live on the East Coast also, would love to play FTF with Skype or Ventro, drop me a line.

Hi there noticed you wanted opponents for 2nd Fleet in Vassal …im new to Cassal but i have all 5 Fleet Games that i bought in the 80s and 90s when i was in the RN If you still need an opponent id be happy to try and play over Vassal …if i can figure out what to do

Please let me know if youre still interested



I’m playing one opponent in “Lost Victory” and another in “Normandy '44” right now. My Skype address is kemosabe 363, put me on your list, and if I’m on, we can chat and set something up, how’s that?

I just discovered this site. I used to play these fleet games (I own 2nd and 7th) and am also looking for an opponent. I’m totally new to vassal and also rusty on the rules so would prefer a basic scenario as a warm up before playing the campaign game. Anyone interested?