[3.2.5][vWMH 4.2.1 w/4.2.2_Grids extension] Auras broken

On loading WM/H games with auras set, or on setting auras in a game, I get this error message on the console:

  • Bad Data in Module: 1 [Layer - Aura] - Expression evaluation error followProperty[Aura Color]

Auras that were set before synchronizing to a game are displayed, but changes - turning an aura on or off, or changing the color of an existing aura - are not displayed.

Auras were working in prior 3.2.x versions with this module. Error occurred with Java 6 and 7.

  • Steps to reproduce:
  1. Install vWM/H module and extension as per instructions in the link.
  2. Create a new local game. Choose Grassy Plains map, first player.
  3. Open the Models window/pane (depends on if using unified window or not)
  4. Select the first model that appears (War Witch Deneghra) and drag onto the field.
  5. Observe that the above error appears in the Warmachine & Hordes MKII window / pane log field.
  6. Attempt to set an aura on the model by clicking on it and typing ‘y’, ‘r’, ‘t’, or ‘g’ (or right-clicking and selecting a color from the Aura context menu item).
  7. Observe that the model does not get an aura.
  8. Close the game without saving and log in to the server (either be restarting the Module or by using the Server Controls button)
  9. Join a different room until you find a game with a map laid out. There will almost certainly be a model with an aura set.
  10. Observe that auras can be displayed when other instances (presumably on pre-3.2.5 builds) are running the game.
    10b) If nobody is actively playing, ask in the room chat if you can attempt to manipulate the aura states on some models, for testing purposes. If nobody answers, or somebody says yes, attempt to change the aura states on some models. Note that auras will not appear to be affected on 3.2.5 client, but other users will report aura changes.

log output:

  • Warmachine & Hordes MKII version 4.2.1
  • Extension 4.2.2_Grids v0.0 loaded
  • Bad Data in Module: 1 [Layer - Aura] - Expression evaluation error followProperty[Aura Color]
  • Saving game …
  • Game Saved
  • Loading aura_test.vsav …
  • Loaded aura_test.vsav: Test of auras
    <Sleet01 (35-50)> - y

Welcome to the VASSAL server

For help, see the VASSAL Forum at vassalengine.org/forum

  • Waiting for Game Info…
  • Synchronization complete
  • Waiting for Game Info…
  • Synchronization complete
  • Waiting for Game Info…
  • Synchronization complete ← found a game with a map set up and an aura visible.

Looks like some property types were not properly updated/translated when moving from 3.2.x to 3.2.5.

  1. Download and open the Warmachine & Hordes MKII version 4.2.1 module for editing in Vassal 3.2.5.
  2. Go to:
    [Warmachine & Hordes MKII Module]
    | …
    |- [Game Piece Prototype Definitions]
    | …
    |- 30mm Base [Definition]

and double-click.

  1. Click “Layer - Aura” in [Current Traits] and click
  2. Observe that []Levels follow expression value? is checked, but Follow Expression: is “Aura Color”.
  3. Click the Expression Builder icon to the left of “Aura Color”.
  4. Expression Builder suggests ‘GetProperty(“Aura Color”)’; click .
  5. Repeat for 40mm, 50mm, and 120mm Base [Definition] entries.
  6. Save module, quit Vassal Module Editor, and run the module.
  7. Repeat steps 1-7 of the original bug; observe that the error message does not appear and auras work again.

Thanks for the report, I think I know what the problem is. Will fix for 3.2.6. For now, you should probably drop back to 3.2.4.

I introduced a bug into 3.2.5 as part of the fix for 10125 that will affect any module where a Layer follows a property that contains a space in the name. I have submitted an improved fix to svn 8695. It will be available in 3.2.6 which should be available shortly.

Confirmed fixed as of build VASSAL-3.2.6-svn8714-windows.exe.