3.2.6 very slow to load

Just downloaded ver 3.2.6; uninstalled 3.2.4, installed 3.2.6, clicked on the program icon I have pinned to Start Menu as I always do (Win 7 - 64 bit) and WAIT, and wAiT, and wait. Vassel finally loads, but this is the slowest loading version I’ve ever used. Any others having this wee problem? Is 3.2.5 any different?

Thanks for your time.

I noticed it on ALL the subsequent versions after the one you mentioned. On the last one…I had to open it up and use Admin option to get it to start. Then, after that it would load faster. Not sure what the deal is. I usually just leave it minimized to save time, since play a lot of PBEM

Do you mean the opening of the Module Manager (The list of modules), or when opening a specific module?

The Module Manager. Individual game modules open at the normal “speed” once the MM is loaded.

Well I guess it’s back to 3.2.4 until somebody is kind enough to help out.

Thanks for your time, anyway…

Looks Like I solved my SLOW Module Manager load problem. I uninstalled everything; canned ver 3.2.4, cleaned out registry, then verified if I had the right Java version which I did, then re-installed ver 3.26. All seems ok now. Vassal Module Manager boots like it used to i.e. quickly.

So if this helps anybody, so much the better.

Same issue here. I use a Mac. Vassal used to load fast and without problems.

Is there an issue with updating Java? The only thing I can think of that I did, which could have ruined my Vassal.

Thanks for any solutions, if presented.



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